Deuteronomy 3:24 – O Lord GOD, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as yours?

This verse reminds me of an earlier post, “Better” from the beginning of this semester. The one where we had a huge planning meeting and afterwards all I could think of was how our outcomes would turn out. God has better. As a piggy-back of sorts, I am now seeing the follow through. God has better than my plans AND it is only a glimpse of the large scale.

Looking back on this past school year, especially when the end is just within weeks, gives me a solid laugh. All my expectations were crushed – but not in the way I would have thought. Things were just….different. I came into this school year thinking about my goals for school, exercise routines, friends, cru, and life. I think almost every single one of those goals changed completely or were refined.

I wanted a 3.5 GPA this year. Not only did I fail a class last semester, but I was also surprised at my lack of desire for classes. With almost all geneds, it was easy to push the priority level aside. Now my goal is to finish with over a 3.0 and really make an effort.

I wanted to see Cru better the organization. I did, indeed, see this come to completion. We are much more organized. Throughout the course of the year, though, I prayed bigger – and scarier – prayers for Large Group. Double in size, more strong leaders, creative minds, a passion for campus outreach… My heart has been corrected.

Through multiple surgeries and losing my uncle, I was able to witness not only the Lord’s greatness in healing but also His mighty hand. He brought peace in so many different levels. My heart for my studies and that changed mindset is only by God’s greatness – He sure knows it is not my first priority. His mighty hand with Uncle Dave was a harder one to get a hold on. We all knew we wanted to see peace and health in His life, and selfishly we wanted to see that done on earth. His mighty hand definitely knew what was best and the perfect timing.

And this is only the beginning. As I am awestruck that there is so much more out there to see, feel, and experience, I am also beyond excited. Thank you God for the beginning. For your lack of limitations. For your greatness.

[originally posted 3.28.2012]

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