Bible Study Girls

Bible Study Girls

Over the past month now, I have grown especially fond of these women. (From left) Marta, Mandy – our discipler – Naomi, Autumn, myself, and Abbie. This community has been wonderful. Starting out it was a little intimidating to be fully invested and vulnerable with these girls we knew nothing about, but along the way we have already shared laughs, tears, and fun.
Mandy has truly done a wonderful job at motivating and encouraging us to challenge ourselves on our way to becoming women after the Lord’s own heart. She has shared with us her life and has instilled her own passion and love for God into us. I am beyond blessed to have her as my mentor here in NMB. She is an inspiration.
The other girls have also truly been a blast to be around already. As we dig into our study on the gospel of Mark each Monday night, it is a time I personally cherish. Seeing their hearts for God and the way he is moving in their lives is great. I am thankful for each one of them.
Together, these women have helped grow me into the community, spurred me spiritually, and blessed me with laughs. I am looking forward to the next 7 weeks with each one of them.

[originally posted 6.17.2012]

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