Coldstone Co-workers!

In honor of my last week and my love for writing lists I am reflecting on things I learned from working at this wonderful Creamery. While it may be repetitive, I think it is important to take time and see the lessons, rather than the remorse.

1) Not many people come to buy ice cream with a bad mood. I found this one out fairly quickly. Don’t get me wrong, some crabs do enjoy desserts, it’s just not too often.

2) I am, indeed, lactose intolerant. While I thought this was maybe just a lie my body wanted me to sometimes believe, the dozen and dozen of samples I ate daily confirmed it.

3) Counting change is important. When I worked at H&R Block I knew the importance of money because of the large quantities I dealt with. Here, in comparison, I am consistently handling people’s money. If I count wrong, the difference comes out of my pocket, so I take it a little more seriously.

4) Ice Cream is messy. Self-explanatory.

5) People LOVE their ice cream.

6) Co-workers matter. I have had some interesting jobs where usually everyone does their thing – everyone is on their own team. At Coldstone, everyone matters. If I mess up an order, everything has the potential to slow down. As an added perk, these 3 women I became close with made the daytime drag especially exciting.

7) Tip your workers. I have already become more generous in this area than the past, but working at a place with optional tips has made me a lot more grateful. Minimum wage isn’t too great, but when it’s minimum plus usually $5+, it’s exceptional.

8) Know your customers. Somehow, throughout the last 10 weeks I have begun playing a little game with myself: find as much information as possible about every person I talk with. Now this isn’t meant to sound creepy and I am not writing any of the information I hear down in some super specific notebook, so no worries. I just find it fascinating when people are open to telling about themselves, their hometowns, and what exactly brought them to an ice cream store.

9) I am pretty decent at cake decorating. I was taught how to specifically make and decorate cupcakes, cookie desserts, and cakes. I am not too shabby either, to brag a little bit.

10) Lastly, with plenty of time on your hands, spiritual conversations tend to happen. I loved working closely with these women and getting/giving advice, loving each other, and sharing life experiences. I was extremely blessed by this working community, as hard as it was at times.

Side note: my new signature creation of choice would be the Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some – cake batter, caramel, fudge, chocolate chips, and cookie dough.

mmmhmm. nomnom.

[originally posted 7.25.2012]

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