Different Plans

Yesterday was a day I can fully classify as one of the best. I’m finally falling into a routine here; not that I don’t love spontaneity each day, but a rhythm is great. Being in step is awesome.

My training at Coldstone is over and this week has been quite a test. I’m seeing if what I have been taught has really stuck. I have already had a few hiccups along the way, like accidentally charging a woman $130 dollars extra for ice cream, making a few dozen extra waffle bowls, and giving someone a completely different size than they asked for. I also have a shift manager that is…a little…intense. She tends to have a voice volume higher than most and a stern face worse than any consequence. You could say she’s fairly intimidating. Well yesterday, I was on the hyper side after getting coffee with my lovely friend, Katie. I came into work a bit peppier than usual. My manager and I ended up having a wonderful conversation midway through our day about her handicapped son and some of her dreams she left behind. For only a few minutes, she became vulnerable and open. It was a beautiful sight. I was able to see a side of her that made her into who she is now. I saw into her life, at least a little ways.

Tuesday nights are outreach days. Each small group has a different place to go share every Tuesday, whether that’s the local beaches, house parties in the area, other beaches around town, or a homeless shelter. Last night was the first time I was actually excited and prepared to go to our destination of local beaches. I felt so ready. …until the rain came. It was a total whiteout with all the rain pouring around our meeting tents. Instead of sharing last night, we had different plans. My group was chosen to spend the night on the “Prayer Porch.” I was frustrated and honestly, let down.

Little did I know what the Lord would do. We prayed for around 2 and a half hours, and the Lord was alive and active, even on our crammed porch. We started our time asking God what he wanted to put on our hearts, that he would reveal himself to us, and that this time would be fruitful. Those are the exact things he did. The time went by quickly, with no more than 30 seconds in between prayers. At one point we were taking specific scripture and lifting them up to the Lord. We spent time praying for those sharing, for conversations and courage. We prayed for the people we have already talked to, whether that was ones we presented the gospel to or those that denied it. We prayed for discipline and habits to form this summer. We prayed for love, that we would learn to love the things and people Jesus loved. We ended our time singing some worship songs. It was more than humbling to be reminded that Jesus is the one with the power and the plans. It was also a great reminder of the vitality and necessity prayer is, especially with outreach.

To end the day, I had some true southern food: Chick-fil-a. :)

Thank you Jesus for having different, better plans for my life.


[originally posted 6.13.2012]

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