This week I have had the honor of working in my dad’s factory. While I love the monotony of the job, I also love the time that I can just plug in my headphones and think. Unlike my past employers – Coldstone, H&R Block, Camp, the Alumni Center – I basically do not have to talk with anyone for all 7 hours. No customers to handle, no kids to watch, no alumni to haggle for money. Without these things, I am left with ample time for thinking.

Thus my dreams come to thought.

One of my dreams, as of late, has been backpacking across Europe. How awesome would that be? Me, a backpack double the size of my small torso, hopefully a companion, and this relatively mysterious continent just waiting to be roamed. Thinking about it makes me want to grab my passport tomorrow. Only a few more years, Lord-willingly. My thought was after I graduate undergrad and before graduate school. Before the REAL school, ya know?

Another dream is a nice warm house. One of those places anyone can knock on the door, be invited in, and leave feeling above average. I’m talking flowers, Panera Bread colors (mustard, dark red, tan), fireplace, and plenty of coffee mugs. Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses that come a-knocking will smell the welcoming scent of freshly made cookies and want to join in conversation. I can only hope for that though, right?

The last dream I have been mulling over is a triathlon. Marathons really intrigue me, but I can’t ditch my love of biking. I enjoy the laps as well as the running, therefore I believe I could finish a tri. Start small and grow bigger. A tag-a-long dream of this athletic one is eating healthy. I want to have an appetite for healthy foods. If I grow completely out of the fruit snack, potato chip, ice cream snack phase all that’s waiting for me is the good stuff – fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt… I’ll be one of those people that asks for the salad constantly, we all know “that” person.

In conclusion, all of these dreams I believe are attainable. I want them to come to pass. If I start greying before one of these happens, anyone who reads this has full permission to walk up to me, yank one of my grey hairs out, print out this exact blog post, and glue it to a wall in my shelter of a home at the time.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


[originally posted 8.16.2012]

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