The time is coming soon. People tried to warn me, “It’ll go by quickly.” I didn’t believe a word of it. I continued to think – how could 11 weeks seem quick?

If I were on Mythbusters, my theory would be BUSTED.

I was completely wrong. It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my little Shamrock apartment, finding my bedmate; I was driving around for hours and filling around 30 job applications; I met my bible study girls and discipler… This could continue for hours, yet in reality: today was my last day working at Cold Stone, tomorrow is our last Sunday, Thursday is our final banquet, leaving Saturday for cries and goodbyes.

Bittersweet would definitely descibe my feelings as of right now. On one hand I could tear up thinking of the friendships I have made and the growth that has occurred, which has been an immense amount. On the other hand I am to the point of exhaustion, I want my own bed, and I’m ready for the rest of my summer.

So here I sit, with exactly one week left. I am done with work, leaving me and the beach as best friends for these last 6 days. Eventually I will process, and of course make a pro/con list. I am absolutely looking forward to this next few days though. It should prove to be excellent… and praiseworthy. (Jesus Juke). But literally.


[originally posted 7.29.2012]

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