Some may know, but I tend to have a habit of getting free things. Usually just by chance, but other times by simply asking.
My most famous story comes from my Junior year in high school. After visiting college after college, I realized most schools have so many advertising ploys and competition tactics that they have free items hanging around their admissions offices. Upon this realization, I figured: why don’t I ask for free things? So I emailed around 30 different schools stating something like this:
“Hi, my name is Allyson and I’m a junior looking at colleges. I have noticed your school and would like to represent your university any way I can, including a free small t-shirt. Thanks!”
I would then add my address to the bottom. Unknowing how many would accept my offer, I was surprised to get 14 shirts in the mail. I was also blessed with pennants, posters, long sleeved shirts, CDs and of course lots of information.
It was awesome.

This trend has continued throughout my life. At restaurants I can talk a waitress into giving me free chips and salsa, or a cashier to take a few cookies off their hands. The craziest things always happen and all I can do is laugh.

Even here in NMB I have seen free things come into my possession. Yesterday at Starbucks I was given a Rice Krispy. Today, as my friends and I dumpster dove and came out with a bag of Krispy Kreme’s we wanted to continue to Dunkin Donuts. I decided to call and just straight out ask for the leftover donuts. The nice, helpful woman said yes, she would set aside a box for when I come in at 12:01am after they close. So in I waltzed, just after closing and she handed me a dozen assorted donuts…
Fo Free.

Man oh man, do I love free stuff.

I understand this isn’t a life changing event or something I’ve learned recently, but it’s a bit of a peek into the life of Ally.

[originally posted 8.2.2012]

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