Land of the Free.

This phrase has taken on a new meaning to me since living in South Carolina. During World Vision week, one of the first themes we had, we were able to research some of the living conditions, freedoms, and threats people outside of the United States experience. As eye opening as that was for me, I did not know what active steps I could take other than really being in prayer for those suffering countries. I still have not exactly found my activist area, but this Independence Day I woke up with a greater appreciation of my country, my availability to religion, and my overall capability to hold freedom.

I am beyond blessed as I recognize each of these things. So tonight, as we have a solid three hours before watching the wonder of fireworks, I am reflecting on the freedoms I hold. With that reflection, I also notice our countries need for the gospel. I’m praying these next hours for our government, our authorities the Lord has instituted (Romans 13:1), wisdom for the future, and continued freedom.

Happy Freedom Anniversary Day!

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