Time has absolutely flown! I cannot wrap my head around the fact that in no time at all, I’ll be back in Wisconsin. This first half has been genuinely amazing. I have loved it. My time has consisted of fun, craziness, working, growing, and a bit of discipline and challenge.

The fun and craziness bit has been of recently. Some friends and I decided the other night would be a good time to “pool hop.” We sneaked into two different hotels down the street from us and acted like regulars. It was such a great experience, with a little bit of danger. Dairy King ice cream has been on my list of night adventures, such great ice cream! Last night my friends and I also had a little spontaneous girls’ night. I cried I laughed so hard, what a good thing.

Working has been going well. The July tourist rush is coming to town and we have been busier than ever at Coldstone – especially with the heat index consistently above 100 degrees.

Growing has been difficult but specifically rewarding. Since the staff have left, the students have taken over their roles. I do not have a leadership position, which at first was disappointing because I know I have the experience and the desire. So, little did I know this would be very humbling. One position I have not frequently held: follower. I’m not a follower, I am a leader. This summer I am learning how to support those in authority, how to follow those in charge. Without a title, I am able to help build everyone and hopefully be an influence in other great ways…definitely something I’m working on now.

The challenging and disciplining pieces are coming into play now that Mandy, my discipler, has left. She challenged and stretched me in so many different ways. Now is the time when I continue to allow myself to be challenged without her here. One thing I hope to continue working on that she has shown me is recognizing God’s characteristics. At the end of every bible study, we would all go around and say one characteristic of God we were thankful for this week, and one characteristic we are praying to remember this week.

To end this post, I am following Mandy’s example. This past week I am thankful for God’s characteristic of leadership. He has shown me over and over that He is in charge, and this is very important. The characteristic of God I am praying to see and remember this week is consistency – He is always the same. As the staff have left and we are on our own as students, the Lord has not changed one bit. He will still use us and be worthy of our trust.

[originally posted 7.1.2012]

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