In honor of my last 7 and a half hour shift at H&R Block, I figured I would share a few things I learned from this wonderful tax company.

1) I can pull off the business professional look. Who knew I could actually dress like an adult?
2) I can sound like whoever I want on the phone. Today sounds like the perfect day for an Australian accent, aye?!
3) Intimidating people still have a soft side…and it’s normally babies.
4) The weather is an excellent conversation starter. “Cold out there isn’t it?” Or the “What a beautiful day!”
5) Doing your taxes is pretty important.
6) The 2:00pm crash actually happens. Everyday. Where my coffee drinkers at?
7) Receptionists are just the messengers, nothing more. Normally they really don’t know anything about you or your situation.
8) I prefer opening the office than closing, and vacuuming over mopping.
9) Complainers will always complain, but will always do the job in the end.
10) I can keep plants alive. Turns out this one is motivation for my future. Get some greens!
11) The word “DISCOUNT” brings in the herds of people.
12) Home libraries are made through careers like receptionists. Bring a book every day.
13) Be courteous and show up for your appointment or at least call.
14) Welcoming people with a smile can make the biggest difference in their entire experience.
15) Always bring extra clothes in your car just in case you spill jelly all over your shirt then mix orange juice with the stain.
16) I love being a receptionist.

Overall, I loved working here. It was something different and fun for a few months. In the end, it turns out I like tax season.
All my love to Mr Henry and Richard.

[originally posted 4.13.2012]

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