I have mentioned before about the momentous growth I have experienced throughout my time here in North Myrtle Beach, but I may not have explained the biggest area I have seen grow.

Someone asked me recently how I would described this “season” of my life. Honestly, I was confused and unsure. It didn’t take me long, though, to answer with confidence – a season of refining. I am not learning completely new things, my life is not doing a 180, but I am surely changing. My life is being refined, made better. I am being made more and more into the woman that the Lord has designed me to be.

If I were to pinpoint the backbone of this change, I would have to say my needs. I have recognized more and more what things in life I believe I need, and the things I know I desperately need. The biggest need I now have is the gospel.

This need is one thing I think I have never been told or realized before. Maybe I have and I just haven’t understood it. Over this summer, many of our bible study and discipleship meetings have been focused around our need for the gospel and the messages of the gospel. This blew my mind.

As I picked up the pieces of my skull from around the room, I noticed my ignorance. How have I never seen this before? Was I so blind to my need that I thought I had the messages of the gospel nailed?

Recently, I read a great article by Keith E. Johnson titled “Hearing the Music of the Gospel.” Johnson describes our need better than I could:

“If we were to ask a group of Christians, ‘What was your greatest need prior to your conversion?’ I imagine they would all answer, ‘The gospel.’ However, if we were to ask that same group, ‘What is your greatest need following your conversion?’ we would elicit a wide variety of answer. I am suggesting that the answer remains unchanged following our conversion. We still need the gospel. We still need to humbly lay bare the roots of our sin. We must continue to acknowledge our inadequacy and impotence to live righteously before God. And we must continue to trust wholly in the sufficiency of Christ – his forgiveness, empowerment, and promises.”

Still a sinner – yet a Christ follower – I sit here knowing that I am desperately in need of the gospel. As much as any other person. These thoughts have been refining my thoughts and beliefs lately, they have centered my waking and resting moments, coloring my entire day.


[originally posted 7.11.2012]

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