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My day off today was beautiful. I spent time reading, on the beach, relaxing, and sharing.

I went out sharing with my discipler, Mandy, and a friend, Abbie. We strolled around the beach and approached 2 girls who have recently graduated high school. We went through the Solarium, a picture survey, with the 2 girls. Partway through, another friend joined. At first, the newer girl seemed super disinterested. We invited her to join and she half-heartedly accepted. All three girls were at a point in their lives where they were searching. Two of the girls had a lot of questions and were seemingly doubting God. The third girl came across as confident but still questioning. After the survey, I asked if they would be interested in hearing what we believe. They, again, accepted.

As Abbie walked all three of the girls through the KGP booklets, their expressions were transformed. One girl interjected with questions and wondered how this gospel was real; another girl understood hesitantly; and the other girl became excited. When the end of the booklet came and the gospel was presented, Abbie asked if having Christ as the leader of their lives was something that sounded like the desire of their hearts, the girl who came later replied almost immediately saying “100%!” We were surprised at how quickly she responded but realized, looking at her face, she completely understood the reality of Jesus. One of the other girls said she preferred to wait but this was also a desire of hers, to know Jesus personally. The third girl still had a lot of questions, but hopefully we cleared up a few of her misconceptions.

This afternoon, Abbie, Mandy, and myself welcomed a new member into the family of Christ!

[originally posted 6.20.2012]

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