In 1 Samuel, Samuel believes that Eli is calling his name. He is mistaking the voice of the Lord for the voice of Eli. Repeated, Samuel goes to Eli to ask what he would like from the boy, and it was not the right voice. So finally, Eli tells Samuel how to respond when the voice beckons another time.

1 Samuel 3:9, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

I think too many times (as I may have previously mentioned) all other voices are louder than the voice of the Lord. Well, is that a matter of the speaker…or the listener? Guilty. It’s me.

I was troubled trying to decide what to title this post. “Speak” or “Listen.” I want God to speak to me, so I ask for it. I need it. But am I just not listening when he does it? Or do I hear it and merely pass it by?

I do NOT want to mistake anyone or anything else for Jesus. Thus, I change my focus. I learn to recognize the correct voice distinctions. And nothing should be louder than Jesus.

I am listening. Speak, Lord.

[originally posted 2.12.2012]


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