This weeks theme is World Vision.

It’s only Wednesday, but we have already gained a handful of knowledge about the spiritual climate of a few other countries that are desperately needing to be reached. We have focused on some specific countries Cru has connections with: France, Australia, Uruguay, Ghana, East Asia, and the Middle East. It has been so rewarding to see the areas that we are ignorant in and ways we can help.

I love this video and it completely expresses these feelings for going out to the nations.

*”True passion is born out of anguish… a true prayer life begins at the place of anguish.”

If, at the end of this week, the only impact I have received is that I have anguish and have begun a life of prayer for one of the areas – that is only the beginning. That move is powerful. God will do great things. Although I pray that my eyes are open to a country my heart is heavy for, I pray that I will not step in the way of that. May my desires be lower than the anguish I have for these unreached people.

[originally posted 6.20.2012]

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