Another change of heart has come over this summer. It involves women.
To give some background to the feelings, I am not one to talk about my emotions with the whole world. Nor am I someone who usually will chose to sit in a circle crying. Because of these things, I’ve never been prone to attending women’s events or meeting up with a lot of women or anything on that track.
But this summer, I have found a new passion for women and have begun to cherish them. In the beginning I was more on the frustrated side because I wasn’t connecting with women here like I would have enjoyed to. As the summer grew on though, I have connected and my heart has been refined a little more. I care for women, their needs, and what they have to say. Some people just need to talk, and I have enjoyed listening. Some need to work or be busy, and I have enjoyed participating in that also. Everyone of them have a story that I have recently found to be beautiful, especially the more I was able to hear.
A few weeks ago I was approached by leadership and asked to co-lead a women’s event, which included planning and speaking. While this normally would have been an idea I would have rejected without hesitation, I accepted. Not knowing exactly how to go about this, Carly and I met up, shared our ideas and hearts behind the night. We came up with ideas and soon began our talk. We decided on Psalm 139.
So the night came on Friday. We ate dinner and played games with only one mishap that ended in an ambulance. After we got back to the schedule (and hearing the girl was okay, just had a concussion) Carly and I spoke. We both agreed on the large amount of peace we had doing it.
So through this all, I have recognized how much I love and truly respect women.
Girl power.


[originally posted 7.22.2012]

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