Well I made it. I survived the first day of junior year. I only had three of the four classes I will usually have on any given Tuesday or Thursday. Either way, my planner is quickly filling up with to-do lists and my folders each have their corresponding syllabi.
Today was also the first Cru event, the Ice Cream Social. It was a hit! Free ice cream, what? Lots of new faces get my heart beating a little faster.
Confession time: when meeting new people now, all I think is “potential.” This very person shaking my hand may be the next person to spread the gospel across our campus. This very professor has the potential to tell each student he has the word of God through his teachings, whatever they may be. This new Cru member may be another passionate person shepherding students into the Lord’s presence.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to use people. I’m trying to see how God could use them.
Man, I’m excited.

Here’s to Junior Year!

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