My beautiful grandma was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Yes, the terrible “c” word.
Shocking would be an underwhelming adjective to describe my feelings after hearing the news. As I prayed and prayed, driving home to see her as soon as possible, I oddly felt more peace than I expected to. It’s horrific news and I’m still a little shaken up about the whole situation, but there’s a difference here. I have learned to replace my worry with prayer.
I’m praying what has been promised for my dear grandma: The Lord will take his plan for her life to completion, my grandmas life will be used to glorify God, He is the ultimate physician, He goes before us in all we do, and His love is never ending. All these things are just a taste of the promises God has imprinted on my grandma’s heart.
This morning as we sat in the dreaded waiting room, awaiting any piece of good news from the surgeon, I knew that although this will be a difficult road for not only my grandma- but also for my family- I knew I was continuing to believe what is true of God. Today, I’m believing in his healing. And this afternoon as the surgeon reported that he removed almost all of the cancer in my grandma’s body, I was reminded that His healing powers are still true.
My lovely grandma shines beauty.

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