Wanderlust: (n) A strong desire or longing to travel.

I’ve always thought this was a myth. One of those things people say they need to do. Like people that need to get more tattoos, piercings, clothes, shoes…. the list goes on. Coming from someone who has barely seen a quarter of the fifty states, and has only been about 30 miles into Mexico, I guess I don’t know much about traveling.

I have these crazy ideas sometimes that I’ll be that person who literally sees the world. The person that rock climbs on real rocks and whitewater water rafts. The person that backpacks around Europe and is one of the millions in China. The person that sees all of the great wonders of the world… Then I wake up to the reality that I am in Midwest, cheese town.

I’m hoping I have time to accomplish these things, but for now I’ll accept the fact that in nearly three months I’ll be departing on my way to lovely England for a semester. While at times I am overwhelmed by wanderlust, for now I can enjoy this beautiful fall weather, knowing that Big Ben awaits.

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