Today I went to a friends church. I had been there once before, after my senior year of high school. I didn’t exactly like all the jumping, yelling, or waving during worship. This time – a short three years later – holds a different story.
I guess college does have some affect on you and the way you think. I thought their worship before was crazy. Seriously, who are these people? After church-hopping quite a bit, experiencing the differences in southern baptist and seeker- friendlies, I came in with a new approach.
This church has exactly what Tozer describes. They have no motive other than praising God. They worshipped like a group of Christ-followers longing for more of Him. They raised their hands reaching for God himself. They expressed their love in great, visible ways. I absolutely loved and appreciated the whole thing.
A.W. Tozer knew what he was talking about, and today I saw exactly that…and was blessed.

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