Gratitude. Part 2

Today I am thankful for: opportunities.

I’m not just talking about studying abroad across the ocean or moving to South Carolina for a summer, but also the the things I come across daily. I have choices I am able to make. One or the other sometimes, and other times there’s a whole array of options.

I am thankful for the options of where I am able to go to school. For the opportunities I have each day to choose to be thankful, to choose to be happy, to choose to be positive. I have opportunities in life more than I think.

I’m thankful, in turn, for my wisdom to take advantage of each opportunity that comes my way. Overall, I’m thankful for my opportunities in the Lord. I am able to choose life day after day and choose to die to myself.

I am no robot and I’m beyond grateful for a God that doesn’t insist on me being one.

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