Another Friday Spent in the Library

Another Friday Spent in the Library

4 hours and counting. And this is what my table looks like. Yup, that’s all my stuff. Papers, books, notebooks, articles, coffee AND tea.
Life as a college student – can I get an “Amen?”

Only three more weeks and I’ll have so much time on my hands that I won’t know what to do with it all. I’ll look back and think, “Silly me, I would be in the LIBRARY right now if I still had class” then I’ll remember I have a whole month to sit around before my journey across the pond (as some have called it).

So here I sit and I’ve decided to take a little writing break. Partly because I don’t even know where to go next on my paper, partly because my itunes playlist has become so familiar I had to have some change, and partly because I felt the need to share about my life in dungeon.

Goodness, I’m not even in a pretty part of the library, but in the area that has books that are all the exact same colors and the windows are facing a parking lot. How scenic. A real dungeon.

…Alright, I’m done complaining. Wait, one last thing – I’m pretty sure all the professors get together sometime and plot out the perfect dooms day for students. “How about December 11? Let’s schedule everything to be due on that day in all of our classes. Mwahahaha.” Okay, now I’m really done complaining.

So, I think I’ve come to the conclusion: I am thankful for homework. The competitive side in me needs homework to keep me tracking in the right direction. I hate it at the time, then when I think of my accomplishments in papers and projects, I’m actually pretty proud of myself. Of course my grades are not exactly a 4.0 (or somewhere near that) but that doesn’t change my position as a student. For these 4 or so years in college my priority is to be a student. To do all my homework. To show up to class. To trudge through the snow and blistering midwest wind for a group project. To be in the library on a Friday night. Etc.

For these however-many years I am here (or soon-to-be “there” in England) I have accepted my calling to be a student first and foremost.

I am Allyson, a student, hear me roar.

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