And Then Came a Sigh of Relief

After an incredibly hard and challenging semester, with the most credits I’ve ever taken, the hardest workload, and the biggest changes – it’s finished. It doesn’t seem real that a short four months ago I was beginning my junior year, and now I am sitting at my parents house with not a hint of homework to do. The closest thing to homework I have is to go watch The Hobbit and wrap presents, that’s my kind of work.

No more calling alumni and asking for money. No more anxiously long days living at the library. No more planners (at least for the time being). No more multiple meeting weeks or busy schedules.

My sigh of relief came this afternoon as I handed in two 10+ page papers, a take home final, and returned my books. The semester was complete. I could breathe and no longer just daydream of mornings I could sleep in later than 9am.

This semester wasn’t bad, just a challenge. And with challenges, come accomplishments. I feel extremely accomplished, as opposed to past semesters when I just breezed through. I worked hard for these grades.

Time to celebrate by falling asleep before 11pm to the lovely voices of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore without setting an alarm.


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