When a Thousandth of a Point Counts

This semester I worked incredibly hard for my grades. Granted, some more than others. Either way, I have to try and get good grades. I’ve never been one to not study and still get an A. Even with a photographic memory, I don’t quite have as much time now as I did in high school to just sit and memorize.

With one sad semester last year, I’ve had to work overtime just to make up for it. This semester my goal was to get over a 3.0. While that may be a demeaning level for some, it’s one that almost didn’t seem possible with 17 credits and plenty of extracurricular activities.

Well, (drum roll please) I am proud to announce that I received a whopping 3.002! The hard work paid off, even if I didn’t make the dean’s list. A goal is a goal, and I reached mine – even surpassed it (right?!). No gloating here, I understand many people do reach their 4.0, but for me it’s setting a goal and reaching it.

With that, I can see myself as accomplished. For with that thousandth of a point comes the knowledge that I am closer to the end than the beginning. Five semesters down, three more to go.

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