New Year. New Me. Right?

I just love facebook status’s that are along the lines of “New Year, New Me.” Like suddenly because of a single digit changing when we sign the date on a document, it gives everyone an excuse to start all over. I mean New Years Resolutions may be a great strategy to stick with a new habit – if that works for you.

This particular New Years Eve I rang in the new year with 2,000 students at a conference in Minneapolis. We worshiped our way to midnight and danced well into the night. It was not about a ball dropping or glitter and glam. Instead, it was understanding our thankfulness for another year on this earth and being blessed to witness the goodness of God throughout these 365 days.

This year is different. It’s not going to be sitting in my apartment studying for hours (sorry mom). It’ll be a year for adventure. Courage. Seeing the world. And through all the travel and sites, I don’t want to leave thinking about how “cool” it was for me to see. I want to walk from each new place blown away in awe of Jesus and his works. Wow, He did this. Awesome. I might even have to pinch myself a few times within the different places, but somehow I have this feeling it will all be worth it.

On another note, I have been legalized. I hit age 21 yesterday. It seems old – comparatively of course – and sounds young. All the hype of showing off that little laminated paper isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Although, it was pretty excited to hand over my ID to the bartender yesterday with pride. I could say proudly, “I waited to drink!” Nerdy and innocent, at midnight I tasted my first sip of alcohol. Apparently I have some self-control, which is great to know.

And the countdown continues. Two weeks from tomorrow. Yikes. Ready or not, here I come.

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