Countdowns Are For Weenies

Contrary to my previous countdowns, even within the last few weeks, I have come to despise them. Countdowns trail hand-in-hand with the overlooking thoughts of today. If I’m always looking forward to something that’s coming ahead, I’m missing what’s right in front of me today.

Countdowns also mean that my to-do list better have something checked off very soon. Yes, yes, I’m well aware I have a mere 5 days left in this country. I’m also fairly aware that I haven’t begun packing or even gotten out of my pajamas for that matter. Just let me sit and play with my dogs…the packing will get done. 

Except looming above me is this ever-present countdown. Rats.

I better start thinking about a shower then. And where my suitcase is. And when my flight leaves Friday. Can’t I just teleport to England and somehow have everything I need with me? Packing is seriously the worst, but today I will be productive.

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