Haggis Meal

Today has been more of a laxidasical adventure (as they call it). More registrations with more “queuing” or waiting in lines.

Yesterday, I asked where the nearest grocery store was. One of my flatmates, Jeff, kindly gestured in the store’s direction and said oh not far away, a few blocks or so. Well… some 25 blocks or so down, there was indeed an ASDA supermarket, like a Walmart. Since I had decided to go on this venture alone, I was there to search for food all the while I was ignorant of the stirring blizzard outside. To my dismay, after searching for a few staple items, I was left to trek all the way back to my flat with two broken, plastic grocery bags in a blizzard. Yes, that was a nice adventure.

Here, they apparently aren’t used to more than one or two inches of snow so when it stormed yesterday leaving the campus with six inches – IT CLOSED. No buses, no buildings open, nothing. It was unbelievable! It was not lower than 30 degrees outside and they were sending “Emergency Weather Alert” emails out to students. Sheesh, Brits, take a journey to the midwest!

Today, after literally waiting in a line to get my ID picture taken for 2 hours, I finally got it. I have my class schedule now as well – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Not bad, not bad. I met up with Mati and another friend, Tanya from Ukraine, later on who invited me to lunch with their friend Felix from Germany. They took me to the other campus (because there are two campuses for this one school) which I was awestruck by. I had no idea I was living on the old campus, while the other campus was new and fresh! There is even a two story mall next to that campus, awesome. I finished my grocery shopping at Aldi with my new friends. When we were checking out at the registers, Felix pointed out the clearance section which had Haggis. Being the flighty American that I am, I was like “mmmm looks good!” And he responded offering me some with dinner later. I was so excited that I decided to look at the ingredients to this hearty food. GROSS. Fried sheep stomach with all it’s gizzards. How completely disgusting! Felix and Mati laughed and laughed at me, the silly American.

Other than a few names here and there, I think I’ll be able handle the lingo. I signed up to go on a guided trip to London next Sunday, so that’s exciting. Tonight though, the students (locals) here are celebrating the end of one semester and the beginning of another at the club…on campus. Tickets are sold, hands are stamped, it’s an all-around party. Apparently all the students go. Looks like I’ll be seeing how they have fun here in England tonight. No worries, I will make good choices, everyone. ;)


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