The 4 Most Interesting Classes

Somehow I was able to chose 4 awesome modules (classes) to study while in England. Today I attended two of them and last Thursday I went to the other two, and they are incredibly interesting – or so it seems, I hope to say this again confidently in four months.

Cyberpsychology: A class aimed to understand the social networking world, people’s idealized personalities shown online vs. the one’s in reality, escaping reality for the internet, and all things about networking oneself online. Today we discussed introverts vs. extroverts and self-disclosure.

Nonverbal Behavior: Aimed to better understand body language, gestures, and presenting oneself without words. Today was a great lecture about fashion and how it’s an expression of someone’s personality, each and every day.

Criminal and Forensic Psychology: Along the lines of Criminal Justice and the duties those Psychologists face while reading through people’s lies, trusting defendants, and being able to talk with professional people confidently to allow them to trust you.

Psychopathology: Studying abnormal behaviors and disorders. Knowing how to classify people having a disorder and the symptoms of different behaviors. Last week we discussed what defines “abnormal” and how society sees those classified as abnormal.

It looks like these classes could be the most thought provoking courses I’ve taken in college. I might actually be excited about all of them, having my hands full with schoolwork!

I’ve also learned some words to add to my vocabulary:

Modules = Classes

Courses = Major Studying

Crisps = Chips

Chips = Fries

Hob = Stove Top

Pants = Underwear

Trousers = Pants

Biscuit = Cookie

Cashpoint = ATM

Give Way = Yield

Rubbish = Bad, Garbage

Zebra Crossing = Crosswalk

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