A Tasteful Weekend

This weekend was eventful, and filled with so many laughs. There’s something cathartic about laughing until you cry that makes you feel right at home.

Friday, after attending an exercise class called “Bokwa,” – which is basically less hip thrusting than Zumba and more like running in circles – I met up with some international students. After being there a little while, the laughter started when the entire table of girls were reminiscing about their pets back home. Once one girl showed a picture of her dog, all the rest joined in. (And I couldn’t help but talk up my own two puppies)

The Forum was the perfect place to follow up the puppy talk, it’s like a classy student union, fit with a club, bar, Starbucks, and grocery store. It has all your basic needs right on campus, which is excellent since the town rivals Whitewater with its lack of options.  More laughter was involved from just watching hundreds and hundreds of people flood into one room to dance and drink, what a scene.

Saturday I journeyed to a nearby town, which proved to be perfect. There was a flea market happening that was more entertaining than most, mainly because of it’s insane selection. In one stall you can buy donuts as big as your face, and the next you can buy a carved walking stick, natural herbs, and a nightgown. Our group soon saw a castle in the distance. Oh, no big, markets and shops….and then a castle. Well, not to disappoint but it wasn’t a castle but a cathedral. It was stunning. The outside so beautiful with just it’s structure, and the inside made so intricate I couldn’t imagine the amount of work put into just one piece. Needless to say, we spent hours exploring. From there we found a local pub that satisfied my gigantic craving for a simple burger and fries. Lastly, we came upon the oldest pub in all of England. Not just historical, but a place quaint enough to feel welcome for hours. To finish off the adventurous day, we played a game of Monopoly, because who doesn’t need to argue about expensive places and treasure chests?

It was straight tasteful.


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