Dance Party of 1

It was like any other morning… in Wisconsin, that is. I woke up, brushed open my curtains to see SNOW.

I thought this was only supposed to happen like once a winter over here? I am no longer in the Midwest, this shouldn’t be happening. Nonetheless, I was ready early for my 9am class, which was also surprising. I prepared for the frozen tundra I was about to walk into and upon opening the door I was so shocked I had to laugh.

God surely has a sense of humor. It was basically a small blizzard for the British, yet for this Wisconsinite it was a horse of a different color. Although it had snowed, it was almost 40 degrees already. I could’ve gone without the 7 layers and my mittens. It was pleasant outside! As I made my way to class I was in pure enjoyment. This morning felt like a little piece of home brought to England.

Usually I have two classes in a row on Mondays, but not today. During my first class, the professor announced the second class was cancelled. I actually chuckled out loud. It’s 11am and I don’t have any plans for the rest of this wintery wonderland. Soon after taking the long way back to my flat, just so I could enjoy the weather, my friend and I had decided to go for a walk. It was picture perfect, breezing through the woods with such satisfaction.

To top of this day of blessings, laughs, and snow-dreams I had a dance party. By myself. To this song. Don’t judge.

Listen up and dance.
Then learn to laugh at this crazy and unpredictable life.

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