Dear God, Please Give Me An English Accent

I’ve been here almost a month now. You could basically call me a local!

I was actually asked to give directions yesterday, I could have cheered out of excitement – until I couldn’t tell the lost person the right directions. I hope they eventually found their way after I confidently gave them excessively vague directions to an unknown place. But that’s neither here nor there because that woman believed I knew my way around! Woohoo!

I have caught onto some phrases I’ve been a little too scared to use, but come one day I will flawlessly execute the use of them in conversation.

I have to go to the loo. – Bathroom

Oh, that costs a fiver or five quid. – Five pounds

Hiya! Cheers! – Greeting and salutation

I’m rubbish at cricket . – Garbage or bad

Where’s the launderette ? – Laundry room

Finish a sentence with “xx” – Like xoxo but without those pesky hugs

You all right? – Greeting like “How are you” where a response almost isn’t necessary, not to be confused with a genuine inquiry about my wellbeing

Bloody!! – somewhat of a vulgarity

(And my favorite) Bugger Off! – Get lost

Now the only thing I need is the accent. Fingers crosses it will come. Im not holding my breath, but… I can’t wait.

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