I Dream of Cambridge

Cambridge, England.

A wonderfully historic city, filled with secret niches, places of quiet beauty in gardens and courtyards and parks, and the sites of students and professors engulfed in one town. If I were to think of a dream place to study, it would be at one of the dozens of colleges under the umbrella of the University of Cambridge.

This place is known for more than a placement for the studious. It has the River Cam running throughout the city, claiming to fame “Punting.” A mix of stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and riding on a gondola. They also have tens of thousands of bikes traveling at any one point. It’s like a craze for the locals, and a danger to the ignorant visitors. While I’m still getting a handle on looking the correct ways crossing the street, I was not on the lookout for bikes. It could have been a tragedy more than once.

All in all, words are not enough to portray Cambridge in a way that does enough justice. History. Books. Water travel. Bikes. What more could you ask for? I am in love with this city. xx





4 thoughts on “I Dream of Cambridge

  1. I remember visiting a good friend in Cambridge. He walked me around and through Campus. To say that it is inspiring is an understatement. Just looking at the buildings made me want to sign up for another higher learning degree. What a wonderful place. I am sure it felt just like the Campus of Whitewater, right? Thanks for sharing. S.Pope

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