Sun Appreciation Day

I don’t actually believe that is a true holiday, but in my book if there was to be a “Sun Appreciation Day,” today would be it. And praise God it was one of my five days without classes. I was able to sleep in and have my window open – allowing my room to fill with sunshine, birds chirping, and peoples’ mumbles in passing. Although the high was somewhere around 54 degrees, that doesn’t change my motivation to literally tour the town on foot.

Something I’ve taken to heart here in England: Don’t take the sun for granted. With the once-a-day rain and then ever-present clouds hovering, the sun receives little face-time (literally). Thus, on the occasion I look out my window to see a cloudless sky, the sun beaming with pride, and the wind no where to found – it’s a day to celebrate.

Take a walk. Go for a run. Explore this relatively new town.

On days like today I can relate to those children staring out their kitchen window, asking their moms or dads if they can go outside and play until the street lights come on. It’s like territory asking to be tread on.

Song inspiration for the day: Ellie Goulding’s “Your song”


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