Royal Dissapointment

Wednesday held a new day, a new adventure in London. This day we had in mind to tour through Kensington Palace. I did my research prior to leaving and found great reviews. There was also the added bonus of possibly glancing to see a royal.

Upon arriving in London, we meandered towards Hyde Park – miles and miles of green and trees in London’s midst. It reminded me ever so much of New York City’s faithful Central Park. As we walked and walked towards the Palace, the sun came higher and grew warming making it a lovely day. We finally came to our destination with disappointment at the outside. It wasn’t nearly as large as I had hoped. There was a beautiful pond outside and gardens that would have been prettier come spring. As I journeyed inside, I was only to continue with disappointment at this wonderfully and intricately built house that held the historical lives of dozens of Kings and Queens had been transformed to a…museum. One third of the house – the King’s Chamber was gorgeous. The architecture was stunning in each and every room. As for the other pieces to the house, I could have done without them. I was happy to see the Palace, mark it off my list. 

What made the entire trip worth it? The sun, the company, the tree-filled and pond-filled park, the aimless wandering, and the shopping. The list could continue. I would count the day as another success.






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