The Day I Was a Princess

If there’s a castle, I’m the princess. See, I didn’t say queen, I’m not trying to step on any toes, like her Majesty the Queen. But from the second I walked into Windsor Castle, I happily imagined myself as royalty. I could be a princess, or even a duchess! No denying that here – I accept my position. (Sorry I’m still daydreaming)

Although I wasn’t able to spend as much time inside as possible or even take priceless pictures of the interior, it was well worth it. Each room in the “Estate Apartments” were breathtaking, one after another. From the three different colored drawing rooms, to the ballrooms and bed chambers each visitor walking through was able to see the meticulous and methodically designs within.

Saddened by not being able to capture the beauty inside the castle, I was awakened by the elegance outside. The gardens were purely perfect. The walls were unreal. And the grass was… well flawless.

It is incredible to believe people fought, protected, lived, and died within those castle walls. Although I can imagine the robes, the luxury, the life of royalty, somehow I don’t believe I would have been fit for that life. I do, however, recognize the strength they were equipped with.

So instead of taking a high political position and throwing on that majestic purple robe, I’ll settle for Princess Allyson.





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