Surviving a Rainy Day


With the warming weather of spring and the blooming flowers comes the promise of more rain. I’ve been warned that I have yet to see a hint of all the rain to come. The positives to this? I love rain. (I hope I don’t regret saying this after experiencing “April Showers”) I love the idea of falling asleep to pattering rain. Waking up to rain drops splattered across my window. Walking through puddles. The brighter greens the grass paints. I also love the excuse to stay inside, cuddled up with the essentials.

So, what are the essentials to a day full of upcoming rain?

Tea. Well, obviously. My tea of choice currently is the ever-popular English Breakfast, or the Cranberry, Raspberry, and Elderflower-infused. Keep the kettle on all day, it’s necessary.

A Solid Read. This probably shouldn’t be the book that you’ve picked up dozens of times since the New Year, chances are a full day won’t change your attention span. Your best bet is to chose one that’s interesting, thought-provoking, and one to keep your focus. On today’s list: Forgotten God by Francis Chan.

Embarrassingly Comfy Clothes. I say embarrassing, because I know I have a nasty pair of sweatpants, complete with holes, and a dingy look – but let me tell you they are the best pants I’ve ever owned. A rainy day is a perfect time to skip the shower, and toss on your favorites.

Jammin’ Music. Turn this on in the background during reading time. I’m going for Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow. Soothing, talented, and the ideal tunes to pretend you’re in a movie, staring out the window with the rain falling, dreaming of sweeter times.

A TV Series. For when the book becomes dull, your eyes become glazed, and the words blurred. This could also be swapped out with a tear-jerking movie, but I prefer a series to keep me busy for days. This way I feel much more accomplished after completing 7 series of Gilmore Girls, rather than one screening of Dirty Dancing.

Stationary. Snail Mail “rox.” Bringing it back to the days when technology didn’t dominate life. To a time when words were more than a vessel for dramatic misunderstandings, but a way to encourage, cherish, and spread joy.

The essentials.

These are my personal essentials for the day. Lucky enough, I have no coursework to finish, and no plans. Eventually, I’ll probably have to add some snacks to the list, but for now am enjoying the looks of this day.

I’ve come to the conclusion that rainy days in England must be looked at differently. Instead of recognizing the times when the rain will stay for hours and dreading it, I’m finding it easier to expect the rainy days and be surprised by the sun. This way, when the sun comes, it’s more like a gift than a given.




2 thoughts on “Surviving a Rainy Day

  1. Oh, Ally – so well said! I am with you–loving the rainy days or snowy days here in Minnesnowta! I would add curling up to a warm fire too. :-) I love the idea of being surprised by the sun and it being ‘a gift than a given’! Again, well said. Enjoy your rainy days in England!

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