Craic Happenings in Ireland

Craic – pronounced like crack – is Irish fun and enjoyment. And let me tell you, Ireland is full of craic!

Dublin, Ireland

Home to just about every Irish stereotype: over one thousand bars, short/red-haired/freckled people, potato-lovers, even a few of those cute kilts. With the weather much lower than average – a rainy, windy, freezing combination – it was difficult to fully experience some of the outdoor entertainment over the weekend. We did, however, swallow in the best of the bests. Trinity College, famous university whose library holds The Book of Kells; Temple Bar, a section of town basically filled with bars and clubs; Guinness Storehouse, a museum detailing the making of Guinness beer – complete with a complimentary pint at the end; a day-walking tour, able to take in the majority of this great town from a hilarious tour guide. Our last day in Ireland was spent a little different, a story for another time. The hint? Nature.

Our three days in Ireland were a blast. Skipping over the miserable weather, my friend and I enjoyed ourselves. It was my first stay in a hostel, which turned out to be better than expected.

We stay both nights in Isaac’s Hostel, only blocks away from the city centre. The place was clean, considering the dozens of traveling 20-somethings invading the hostel. We opted to sleep in a room with 8 females total. It wasn’t the worst, let’s just say I’m thankful to be somewhat narcoleptic and able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. All in all, as a young traveler, I was pleased with the hostel.

As for Dublin, I should have expected the rain. Something unexpected – the friendliness. I still cannot believe how friendly Irish people are! Two separate times, our waitresses talked our ear off about Dublin, our travels, recommendations, and America. We even made friends sitting at tables next to us or in passing. Before we could even ask for directions, there were numerous people seeing if we needed help.

Overall rating: A+ Ireland, A+.  





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