From Fairytales to Factory Work

I never expected this summer to live up to the semester of a lifetime. What could be better than next to no school work, traveling all over Europe, and British accents? I can’t think of much that could top that trio! But now that I’m back, how do I follow up the last 4 months?

Well… due to my severe lack of financial funds, it looks like a job has caught up with me. Back to the grind. And what better place to ring in a great America welcome than a factory!

That’s correct – this world traveler is spending her summer in a factory. It may seem unusual, but it’s a relatively nice change of pace (minus the unfortunate early mornings).

Check back in a few months and I’m sure I’ll have some great adventures here in my old stomping grounds. I’m looking for some new recipes, exciting bike trails, and an adventurous kayak trip.

Let summer roll in, baby.


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