Senior Update

Senior Year.

It’s taken a whole lot to get this far.

Seriously, let’s think about it. Year 16 of schooling? Yikes. Now, that’s just a lot.

I know some people like the studying, the learning, the not-sleeping. Nah – not me. I like being determined. I like having a syllabus to tell me how this semester will look. I like learning something that’s actually interesting. But I think it’s taken up a lot of my life. I know I may regret saying I’m ready to be finished with school in approximately 11 months when I need to have an income, but for now I’m ready to not.

The nice thing though? I don’t have a job. I have more time this semester than I probably will ever again. Six classes is a lot of schoolwork. It’s a lot of time in the library. But as far as the rest of my time goes, I’m free. And that’s kinda weird.

Journalism classes are sure keeping me on my feet, though. Something a little new. And I like it.

Until then,

I’ll be here.

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