The Unspeakable Dreams

I’m a dreamer. I have big, near-impossible, outrageous dreams.

It’s not that I’m unhappy with where I am, it’s that there are copious amounts of options out there. (Wherever “there” is)
I think our options are endless, and one day I’d really like to see how much of a reality I could make these so Imagecalled endless options.

One day I dream to befriend an elephant.

You read it right. An elephant.

I don’t have to be sitting in a basket on top of it – which would just be above and beyond. But actually be friends with this stunning creation. Let’s say, I could stand next to it without it stomping me to death. I could touch its skin without it eating me. If its gigantic trunk kissed my cheek – is that too much to ask? We could do things friends do together. Maybe we could do something I would like such as go for a walk, and then what the elephant would like such as sit in the mud.

I think we could break the whole animal-human barrier. I think this several ton animal and I can do more than co-exist. Right?

I’m not crazy, I just dream.

We all have unspeakable dreams. What if we started to dream they could happen?


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