When Grace Came to My Door

The flashing lights were now approaching and my heart sank. Maybe I should have cried or made some elaborate story. There was no turning back now. The cop was tapping on my window.

It was a Sunday and I was on my way to church. However, this doesn’t excuse the 16 mph I was driving over the speed limit. I just let all unfold before my eyes like I was watching it in a dream. A young lady gets pulled over by the token, surly old cop. I knew I deserved the ticket, so when she came to my window I reluctantly handed over my license, apologizing for the sorry attempt at slamming on my brakes the second I saw her car. As she merely agreed and walked off to write up my ticket, I couldn’t pray for a miracle or a chance of fate. I knew what would happen, and I wasn’t surprised when the cop returned with not only my license, but also that dreadful pink notepad.

This is where the story takes a turn. The cop then asked where I was coming from and where I was headed. Explaining I am a college student heading off to church, the surly expression changed. The woman looks me in the eye and smiles. This cop smiled at me. Glancing between me, the soon-to-be-in-debt college student, and her notepad, holding my ticketed fate, a miracle happened.

“It makes me happy to hear of a college student going to church. I’ll let you off with a warning so you won’t be late. Enjoy your day and keep making good choices.”

I thought I heard wrong. But, I actually wanted to get out of my car and hug this woman in uniform once I understood. Here was this woman reprimanding people not following the law, and here I was not following the law. I deserved that ticket. I deserved a big, fat ticket.

And with grace being given to me, I was on my way.

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