A Magical Feat

After five months of reading, I nearly conquered the world. I actually completed my quest of reading the entire Harry Potter series – but those two feats are basically the same thing to me.  I thought it was very fitting day to finish all seven books on a significant day in the wizarding world, and now my world. October 31 ironically is the same day James and Lily Potter, Harry’s parents, were murdered by You-Know-Who for all you Potter Fans.

Prior to June, I had never read a single book or seen any of the movies, but when you lived in the land of Harry Potter (the UK), it’s almost a necessity. I had seen all of these monumental buildings, signs, even headstones that meant next to nothing to me while I was there. Meanwhile, I had Potter Fans surrounding me almost in tears at how great the sights were. I felt compelled to at least know what I was missing! Sadly, I now know my ignorance.

I saw the building in which Hogwarts was inspired!

I looked at headstones of characters Rowling used for name ideas!

I sat in the cafe the books were written in!

If only I had know the real meanings and read the books earlier! I am proud to have read them now, and blessed by the story of Harry Potter.

Along the way, I have learned some things I’d like to share.

– I now believe in magic (or want to believe in magic). Embarrassingly enough, I’ll admit to having used numerous objects or food during these months as a wand. No shame…it could happen.

– J.K. Rowling’s writing is phenomenal. Even if the storyline would have been horrific, her writing is beyond wonderful. I can only strive to become near as good of a writer. She created an entire world. And I loved it.

– Unlike reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I pictured myself at Hogwarts. I was glad I had not watched the movies before reading them or my imagination would have been shot. I enjoyed imagining people a certain way, or the scenery in a specific place. It was detailed beautifully.

– Social media has a tendency to ruin endings. In these past months, it has taken all my might not to search funny memes or articles about the series. Several times I accidentally looked at pictures, not able to take in the full effect, and whew! I am thankful I didn’t cave.

– I hadn’t know prior to this, but I can be encouraged by fiction. Stories with underdogs conquering. Stories where the character you hated the entire time came through. Stories where you cry at the end feeling like a piece of your heart is left within the worn pages. I was encouraged reading books that are turning into history before my eyes.

Harry Potter will probably always stand high on my list of favorite books. I wish I would have read them earlier, but I think I was able to take in the fantastic writing and characters more now than I could have years ago. To those of you who have put off reading this series: don’t. Immerse yourself in another world, even if you can’t believe in the magic. And to those of you who have already read and loved them: I am with you.


A Fellow Member of Dumbledore’s Army


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