From The Thankful Heart

I think I’m still full from Thanksgiving – 4 days later. We are all loving the stretchy pants and sleepwear, especially right about now, when our responsibilities come flying back in our faces. And I was just getting used to sleeping nine-plus hours, too. Rats.

So, what happens when the leftover turkey sandwiches run out? Do we stop being thankful? Do we leave behind our gratitude?


I heard someone recently say they believed Thanksgiving was a holiday for the ungrateful, like some people need a holiday to remind themselves to be thankful. I think this guy, although slightly pompous himself, had some truth in his words. Maybe we all need this holiday to sit back, relax, and be thankful. Before we make gigantic lists for what more we want for Christmas, recognize all that we already have. This isn’t that we are ungrateful, just so busy we don’t carve out days to thank.

And as I rest during this short, but sweet vacation, I have much to be thankful for.

My list extends beyond all the food, all the friends, and all the family.

My thankful list is full of life and freedom in the Lord.

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