The New Year’s Resolutions I Can Keep

In my two plus decades of life I have had numerous New Year’s Resolutions. I vaguely remember a young age (remember: young) when I vowed to stop picking my nose. Another year I declared I would stop tattling on my brothers. And yet another year, it was to like the color purple more. Now, I’m not sure if any these ever lasted a full year (we can only hope for some), but what I do know is that I am sick of resolutions.

They are downright discouraging, despairing, and draining.

Most of us know when something is motivating. We can recognize if a poor report makes us want to try harder or give up. We should also discover if the beginning of the year is a good time to make a commitment all year long. For me? It’s not. Usually, while everyone wants to join a gym in January, I want to cancel my membership – I am confident the entire city will be at the gym also. When some have a wardrobe purge, I search out the deals.

Alas, 2014 may be different.

I have chosen to make some resolutions that I better be able to keep:

1. Turn 22 – check

2. Visit a new state – check

3. Graduate college

4. Like the color purple


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