Ways Not to Find a Job

It seems like yesterday was New Years. And today it’s March.

Just yesterday I was a freshman, walking into classes intimidated by the scary upperclassmen. And today I am 10 weeks away from graduating. I can’t believe how quickly college has flown by, now It’s already time to start looking for jobs.

As I prepare to look for my first position in the real world, there are a few sure-fire ways to fail before I even begin. Here are just a few:

Sit back and wait for a job to come to you. Last fall, when the first inklings of my future were popping into my head, I would freak out about what I would do and where I would go in life. There was never any action taken, just nervousness. I would wish for a door to be open right in front of me. This isn’t exactly the best way to find a job worth looking for.

Post trashy pictures on Facebook. The other day I googled myself and couldn’t believe the pictures that showed up. Things from high school, and pictures I had linked to other friends. Not only was I wigged out to see memories I hadn’t even remembered myself, but I can only imagine what would have flashed on my screen if I had been some crazy party-er. Nothing’s ever private on the internet.

Make a resume full of generalized adjectives. I cringe when I see resumes that include “friendly, team player, self-starter.” How extremely nondescript. I’m sure you won’t set yourself apart with broad terms like these. Put some extra effort into your individual, positive characteristics

Typos, anywhere. You can’t prove to an employer you’re perfect for a job if you write something with the wrong they’re/their or your/you’re. Yikes, proofread everything you send in.

Word vomiting in an interview. Over-sharing your life story can be a little TMI for someone who wants to hire a stable, hardworking employee. When I get nervous, I ramble on and on and on. This could put me at a slight disadvantage, possibly exposing too much.

Even thinking about these things gets me worried about finding a job. But above all else, it’s proving to another person why you are perfect for the job. So whether or not you slip up in one way, you can be have hope in a second chance, although it may be for another open door.

One thought on “Ways Not to Find a Job

  1. Ally, I think you have been living in the “real world” while you were in school, too.
    When you have completed your degree you will have completed the course of study designed by the University. They decided the classes. The University controlled your days.

    Now it is time for you to set your own goals for your life. You will decide for yourself how to reach your own goals from here on out.

    I think that it is time for you to spend some time really thinking and fantasizing how you want your life to look. Imagine waking up to your perfect day.
    What time would you get up? What would the room look like? What is the weather like outside? Is there someone in the bed next to you? Are there children in your house? Are they yours? What country do you live in? What kind of clothes are you wearing?
    Are you working hard or is it laid back? Are you in a hustle bustle city or the country? Are you getting a pay check or do you work for yourself? How much money do you make by the year, the month, the week, the hour?

    You are going to create your “Real World” Ally. The closer you design is in alignment with your heart the easier it will be. Be as specific as possible.

    The higher your expectation, the harder you will have to work to create it.

    Be specific and write it down.
    It will ALL come true… in some form.

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