Giant Anthills

I can’t help but wonder how universities look from above. Not all metaphorically or anything, but literally hundreds of feet above us all in the sky.

Most likely, I’ll never know. What I do know is that even on the top floor of the student union, glancing down during busy times, all the students look like little ants. For a while there will be no one walking in between buildings and the next second there is a flood of students dashing out from their classrooms.

My little portion of life in college is full of anthills.

We’re all moving from one hall to the next, running out of classes like they’re on fire. Heading to study like it’s our mission. Working for some success.

Ants carry huge loads on their back trying to make a living for themselves. Just like students.

Classroom to classroom. Lectures to essay assignments. We are trying to make a living for ourselves. All the while, we carry the burden of our backpacks emotionally and physically on our shoulders.

Thankfully, I’m not an ant. Partly because I think they’re gross and partly because much of what they do ends up being insignificant.

I can make a difference, and I am significant in my anthills.


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