Bare Legs and Bike Pedals

I think all my dreams may have come true (see this).

The sun is out, and with it came my bare legs inside some running shorts. I brought my bike out of hibernation, sweating out this long, long winter as I rode through town.

And boy, does it feel good.

...mmm if this were my life

(Now if I can only find this coffee shop)

I may not be in great shape, but from my perspective – it’s being active outside or actively binge-watching Netflix.

Each day I find that I’m presented with choices, ton of choices. Eat grapes or cookies. Hit the snooze or embrace the day. Have a positive attitude or keep track of the negatives. Smile at someone or punch them in the face (kidding, but a real thought at times).

While many of our options seem menial, they can make all the difference in a day.

So choose what your day will be.

Choose to smile today. And a cookie.



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