Realizing We Are All Human

I have been working at a tax office since the beginning of this year. As a receptionist with ample time to sit and people watch, I see a lot of strange things out the window.

My desk sits facing the window-front toward Main Street in a college town. So you can only imagine what my Friday nights look like, being so close to the bars.

A few days ago, as I people-watched for hours, I saw a super fancy car search for a parking spot. It’s usually the worst place to park with diagonals on one side and curbside spots on the other. This car waited for an opening and began his attempt at parallel parking.

Spoiler Alert: He failed.

After several tries, the driver gave up, stepped out of his car and up to the restaurant across the street. His car was crooked and significantly far away from the curb.

I was floored to see this fancy-pants man in a suit and tie, unable to parallel park.

He looked around after glancing at his horrid park job, and made direct eye contact with me. I smiled to him as he hung his head.

Hey man, I don’t mind you parking like that. You actually helped remind me we’re all human and even the best of people can’t park well.

He waved to me getting back into his car a while later. And we silently agreed to keep his skills between the two of us, and the rest of the World Wide Web.

Cheers to you, Mr. Fancy, a sufferer of chronic bad paralleling.

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