From Football to Faith

Tonight I went to dinner with a former NFL player. A gay, former NFL player I had interviewed for the school newspaper took me to dinner. That's what I'm doing. Even my own opinion doesn't matter. He calls, He equips. The glory is His.

Cool? I think so too.

Well…there were other people there too, but it was still nice and I was famous-by-association I’d say.

The really cool part though? Halfway through the dinner, this public speaker, author, singer and ex-pro player began sharing his faith. Sitting in a restaurant with members of the LGBT group on campus, he explained to a very diverse group of students and staff how happy he was to have been forgiven and loved by God.

I usually don’t divulge in many controversial topics, but this one was too great to be left behind.

Although people have their preconceive notions about famous people, gay people, football players or whoever, it comes down to something greater. It comes down to Jesus.

It all comes down to Jesus.


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