Success, Moving, and Hot Beach Bods

So, let’s talk about California living for a bit. Born in Michigan, grew up in Wisconsin, I’m familiar with the four seasons. These almost always included the common blizzards, cloudy skies, tornadoes, and storms. I’m a Midwestern girl in love with greenery and the outdoors, living a life I would compare to an eskimo.
You don’t think so? I walked to class everyday in college. Through the disastrous winters, I bundled myself up with no skin to show. After that, it’s almost like I’m scarred from the cold.
Now, California – people don’t joke. My first few days were cloudy and that was like their winter. It’s a new thing, but I think I can handle it. And the beach boys? Oh yes, they’re here, and everywhere. Lots of them.
If this is what life after college is, than I’ll say it’s not horrible. And yet, I’m nearly jobless and in between homes, so this may not be an accurate view of that “real life” people talk about.
I can live anywhere for a short amount of time, I’d say. I have options. If the beach will have me, I would accept. If L.A. opens its doors to me, I would say yes. Southern California, that’s something I could live with.
The successful part? I think that just comes with time. I’m okay with the fact that I’m not flowing with money right out of college. I don’t know anyone who is. For right now though, I’m happy with this post-college life, a new adventure it sure is turning out to be.

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