The New Year’s Resolutions I Can Keep

In my two plus decades of life I have had numerous New Year’s Resolutions. I vaguely remember a young age (remember: young) when I vowed to stop picking my nose. Another year I declared I would stop tattling on my brothers. And yet another year, it was to like the color purple more. Now, I’m not sure if any these ever lasted a full year (we can only hope for some), but what I do know is that I am sick of resolutions.

They are downright discouraging, despairing, and draining.

Most of us know when something is motivating. We can recognize if a poor report makes us want to try harder or give up. We should also discover if the beginning of the year is a good time to make a commitment all year long. For me? It’s not. Usually, while everyone wants to join a gym in January, I want to cancel my membership – I am confident the entire city will be at the gym also. When some have a wardrobe purge, I search out the deals.

Alas, 2014 may be different.

I have chosen to make some resolutions that I better be able to keep:

1. Turn 22 – check

2. Visit a new state – check

3. Graduate college

4. Like the color purple


Another Year Comes and Goes

I know, I know. It’s the annual review-last-year-and-look-ahead post.

Well, yeah! It’s a new year, and I value looking back on the blessings and lessons of the past.

Image(Free People)

2013 was filled with abundant laughter, adventure, challenges and everything in between. I mean, I traveled throughout Europe – which still shocks me some days. I had a taste of the post-college, 40+ hour work week this summer, while working two jobs. I was taking six classes during fall semester and somehow ended up with the highest GPA of my college career (to brag a little). Of course there’s loneliness that comes with being in a new country, fatigue with the money, and lost hours with studying so it’s not all smiles along the way, but lessons were learned. Overall, I would say it was another blessed year.

Looking forward, 2014 has the potential to be fantastic and invigorating, but also scary. I graduate college this year. Leaving UW-Whitewater is necessary, but I have officially stepped over the “Get me out of college ASAP” phase and into the “What, I’m actually done? Now what?” phase. Honest like Abe, it’s terrifying. I’m starting the job hunt which excites me yet gives me the creeps. My options are open as far as cities and jobs positions, I could end up anywhere. This time next year I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing, but that’s part of the fun – right? Yikes.

Folks, a new adventure is coming.